Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My First Wedding!!

I am very excited to share some photos from a wedding I just shot this past Saturday! This is the first wedding I've ever shot and I was solo. I was pretty nervous about it actually... But once I got there and started taking pictures I got into my groove and it felt pretty amazing! :) The day went by very fast and I'm very please with the pictures I got.

Eric and Samantha are the happy couple! I've known Eric for around 9 years. His sister Meagan is one of my best friends. :) So having her and all her family there made everything pretty relaxing and a lot of fun! The wedding was held at a cute little church down in Garfield WA. There was actually a ton of amazing buildings and some very awesome locations in Garfield that made me wish I could have drug the whole wedding party around town and try some fun things but unfortunately we were running on a pretty tight schedule. So I guess that means I'll have to go down there again for a photo shoot some time. hehe

Here's a hand full of my favorite shots from the wedding. I hope you enjoy! :)


  1. You did so great for your first time, Danielle!!!
    I love the one of Eric kissing her forehead and the sun backlighting it! :)

  2. Danielle, you did an amazing job! It's so sweet to see these pictures, you can tell that Eric is so happy! :)